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Whose profit lost in the properous all-in-one POS market

Author: Jassway | Time: 01-07,2017
As the initiator of all-in-one machine industry, Oracle releases virtual computing device recently. It looks a bit iffy from its name, but in fact, it is just a virtualized all-in-one machine and combines Infiniband、X86 server、ZFS Memory, Oracle VM, you can commence virtual business immediately after you buy all-in-one machine and simplely depoly. In rencent years, the traditional hardware firms have been making their efforts in innovation to seek breakthrough of product difference and product selling point. And the birth of all-in-one machine help these hardware firms to fulfill their wishes, they can availably avoid compatibility problems and easily fulfill product difference just integrate and pre-depoly the softwares and hardwares. Now that the product difference can bring higher profits for these firms in the circumstances of relative stable total market size, but that we want to ask, where does the profits come from? Obviously, many users are willing to spend more money to depoly the devices quickly, but perhaps it just a part of profit growth of the all-in-one machine firms.