POS (Point Of Sale) Solution for Apparel


POS (Point Of Sale) Solution for Apparel

PONTUS, one of the Jassway's stylist and modular design Point of Sale products, The modular mechanism design enables PONTUS with variations to fit different requests of retail and service applications. The fast replaceable design can change most of the key parts or peripherals including the 15.6" Projective Capacitive LCD wide screen, motherboard and HDD drive, customer display or secondary LCD display, MSR…etc.

With the combinations of optional peripherals such as BS6208 barcode scanner and JAW-RH8250 thermal receipt printer and CD405B Cash Drawer machine, PONTUS can set up as a counter immediately.

Stylish, swiftness, Stability and Reliability, Jassway's POS hardware solutions for your fashion items business are your good tools of managements.

POS (Point Of Sale) Solution for Apparel


POS terminal with systemized management devices is what you need.

Apparel and accessory stores provide dress with fashion, function, and occasions for adults and kids; men and women; formal or casual, even only for teenagers or females.

Variety of stores has huge items with delicate categories that need easy to operate and capable of item management.

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