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Troubleshooting Solution of POS Terminal What function does Electronic cash register have?
Since the advent of electronic cash registers, they have formed a complete series under the driving of demands of various business management. Therefore, we can select the appropriate electronic cash registers according to the actual needs .
Selecting electronics cash register should be based on the following key indicators:
1. Goods category: Selecting appropriate quantity of electronic cash registers for correspending department according to the classified number of selling goods
2. Single-goods quantity: Selecting appropriate quantity of electronic cash registers for correspending single goods according to single goods quantity to be managed.
3. Print character: print characters (Chinese and Enlish) according to your requirement.
4. Single and double print: double printing electronics cash register possesses customer note and stub, and its management is very standard, but its cost is much higher than single printing cash register. Of course, single printing can achieve retaining the stub by printing 2 sides of carbonless pressure sensitive paper, However, the price of carbonless pressure-sensitive paper is two time than single-side paper, the cost will be very high if use it in a long time.
5. Networking or not: You can decide whether or not adopting network management according to businss scale and development trend. the networking electronic cash registers needs additional software costs in addition to its price much higher than the normal electronic cash registers.