JASSWAY is one of the leading manufacturers of POS and kiosk brands in China, located in Shenzhen City, applying technologically advanced systems to ensure a high level of product quality. With its outstanding development and manufacturing capabilities, JASSWAY offers optimized standards by reviewing the various check items required by the customers and projects. With these standards, we design and coordinate the project to provide the best products through a comprehensive evaluation on proper installation and expansion to meet the requirements.
OEM · ODM POS/Kiosk Development & Manufacturing
· Specialization of experienced engineers: Electronic component research, 3D design and rendering, technical design/production, assembly, packaging
· Defined procedures and standards: Organization, adherence to established standards and processes
· Quality Guarantee: Best product quality assurance and follow-up management
  • POS
  • Kiosk
  • Price Checker
JASSWAY provides customized POS and kiosks with optimal specifications and functions required by customers. Prepare for business success with OEM / ODM POS and kiosk solutions suitable for various environments such as restaurants, cafes, franchises, hotels, department stores, and shopping malls.