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Jassway Spain National Conference

Author: Jassway | Time: 02-24,2022

On February 10, 2022, Jassway Spain product launch was grandly held. This launch was also the first launch of Jassway Spain, with a total of more than 70 guests and customers attending. At the conference, the Artemis intelligent POS system was officially launched and a series of solutions developed for POS industry needs and application scenarios were unveiled to meet the higher needs of different merchants for efficiency and flexibility in the digital era.

Mr. Jose Prieto, head of Jassway Spain, introduced Jassway's complete product solution and service policy, aiming to provide better quality products, effective services, value-added services, fast response technical team, etc. to the distributors and agents of the branch.

Mr. Justin Lu, Marketing Director of Jassway head office, introduced the brand concept of Jassway, as well as how to realize a win-win situation and grow together with customers. Only in this way can we help distributors and agents to grow better and cooperate stably in the long run.

As one of the finale products of this conference, the newly unveiled product Artemis has been recognized by all customers. Its excellent design concept can save more cost for customers, convenient installation method further improves the working efficiency, and the simple and beautiful appearance patent design also enables customers to have better differentiated sales, reduce direct competition with competitors and enhance the competitiveness of the industry.

Jassway POS terminal

The conference was very successful, the Spanish branch signed a number of high quality customers. Many new customers on the scene also expressed their willingness to cooperate, and bought samples to introduce into their sales channels after the conference.

Jassway POS terminal

In the future, Jassway will also hold several large-scale new product launches for the reason that we currently have several brand new products under development. Jassway is willing to listen to everyone's needs and suggestions for products, and we will integrate the industry's needs into our design concepts to help our partners quickly realize the commercial management and operation of equipment and applications.