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The Innovative Manto Kiosk for retail & hospitality business

Author: Jassway | Time: 03-24,2023

Jassway officially released a new smart Self-service Kiosk -- the Manto Kiosk which with a various type of monitor dimension

● Configure the printer independently.
● 15/15.6/21.5inch touch screen.
● Aluminum housing and stand.
● 2D scanner, camera, bracket for EMV payment.

pos system, Self-service Kiosk

The Manto Kiosk is the new all-in-one POS terminal. It packs innovativeness and functionality in compact design with stylish look, which is ideal for retail businesses where space is at premium.

Configure the printer independently

Comparing with traditional self-service kiosk, Manto Kiosk Series reduced constraints of printer. Any brands of printer that meet the requirements of dimension will do.

pos system, Self-service Kiosk

21.5inch touch screen

21.5 inch FHD wide viewing angle display, Manto Kiosk Series adapts to changing business needs as well as consumers’ demands. It serves as product display & advertising, ordering & payment, click & collect, ticketing & e-reservations and whatever business scenarios you wish. And we are developing the other two dimensions of 15inch and 15.6inch in couple of months.

pos system, Self-service Kiosk


Manto Kiosk adopts an all-metal unibody design, which is wear-resistant and impact-resistant. While maintaining a stylish and high-end shape, it is more durable. Applicable scenarios are more extensive.

2D scanner, camera, bracket for EMV payment

Equipped with a wide array of choices of peripherals including 2D scanner, camera and a bracket for EMV payment devices and offering two choices of counter-top or floor-standing. The Manto Kiosk Series is able to fulfill with all kinds of self-service tasks.

pos system, Self-service Kiosk