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Jassway launches new all-metal POS system

Author: Jassway | Time: 04-14,2023

Adhering to the principle of excellence, Jassway has launched a new Titans, providing customers with a better experience.

Jassway titans pos system

Based on the original design, the new Titans have made the following improvements:

Better heat dissipation performance

The heat dissipation hole is designed at the top of the machine, and the convection hole is also provided at the bottom, which greatly enhances the heat dissipation capacity of the machine.

Jassway titans pos system

Adding brightness adjustment function

The brightness adjustment button at the rear of the display can easily allow customers to adjust the brightness of the screen according to their needs.

Jassway titans pos system

Aluminum Alloy Body

Preserving the original metal appearance, this not only facilitates heat dissipation, but also adapts to higher performance processors, such as I5-11TH.

Jassway titans pos system