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Function introduction

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Flexible forms bring abundant experience.
Bigger and clearer
15.6” main screen + 10.1inch customer display screen. With a 1920*1080 high resolution, Triton delivers quality images which can fully realize the visual affects you required
The anti-interference touch screen can easily cope with various environments.
In order to realize your need for worry-free touch experience in various environments, even close to high-power devices, we Using industrial-grade touch chip, the ability to resist electromagnetic interference is stronger.
The modest multi-tasker

The Jassway Triton’s sleek design belies powerful functions. Thoughtfully designed for your usage.

♦ Tilt the screen up to 105 degrees vertically
♦ Thread cables through the stand for a clean countertop
♦ Multi-point capacitive touch panel

From its compact size to physical attributes, the Triton was designed with your needs in mind.

Multiple Configurations Are available
Concealed design
Interfaces and wires are hidden in the storage compartment, which maintains Triton concise appearance while brings better expansibility